First prize 10k
Second prize 5k
Event date - 5th FEB
Registration fee - 1000\-

* Participating teams should report the venue  1 hour before the event.
* Time limit : 10 minutes.
* Students of any institution can participate.
* Any dance form can be performed.
* More than one team from an institution are allowed. 
Judgement will be based on
1) Costume
2) Expressions
3) Synchronization
4) Uniqueness and variety
of moves performed.
* Breakable and inflammable objects, fire, color powders, water and other
substances which make the dance floor untidy must not be used during the
* Don't use masks or anything like sunglasses etc more than 1 minute during
the performance.
* Negative themes will not be counted.
* Vulgarity In performance shall lead to immediate disqualification.
Note - The judges’ decision will be  final & binding on all candidates.

ARVIND - 8589828258
MARIYA - 9846600056

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